Transeco 21 August 2019

Dear Clients
Although there haven’t been any significant updates since our last letter, we would like to remain in contact with our clients.

We continue to battle the rainy season which we anticipate lasting until November, geological work has slowed due to flooding however exploration and infrastructure work continue where possible.

In preparation of our production we have acquired a processing plant which has been dismantled from its original site in Mozambique. Although this is a long and gruelling process to have the plant shipped and assembled in Ghana, we will reap the rewards in years to come.

We appreciate the biggest concern is when gold purchases will be fulfilled though we are continually reluctant to provide exact dates and potentially mislead clients. Exploration work for a gold mine is enormously vast, legalities, exploration, infrastructure and reports to name a few is a momentous task.

Although we endure further challenges, we are optimistic and enthusiastic to explore and take advantage of upcoming opportunities our main priority is to fulfil each contract and reassure clients that we are proactively working towards this.

We would still like to offer clients the opportunity to visit Ghana covering a two-night stay, transfers and a tour around site. This opportunity will enable you to see the progress and equipment bought with forward gold purchases, this also provides additional security knowing where the assets are located. We would like to maintain a transparent relationship with our clients, please feel free to contact us any time for updates and we will be happy to answer or discuss your queries.

Kind Regards

Mr A Niazi Mr G Amarh Director Director

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