Ruby Creek 23 april 2019

23 April 2019

Dear Clients

We write this letter in response to recent news stories about investments in gold.

Our Company has a fully permitted substantial mining operation in Tanzania.

Our Mine has been growing as we develop it.  To international standards, we have immediate mineable proven reserves of over 200,000 ounces (6,500 kg) having a value greater than US$200,000,000.  Continued mine development increases additional gold reserves which will be better accessed through our new large and scalable processing plant that is nearing completion.

Our Company had entered into agreements with agents to raise funds through Forward Gold Sales and although the costs were high, this was the best non-equity source of funding that we could acquire.  Proper AML and KYC rules were practiced.  Directors of the agents made a number of visits both in Canada and Tanzania with and without clients to view our operations.  All client funds have been received by our Company and have been properly spent on our operations as contemplated in our contracts.

We have had our share of operational and regulatory issues that we see as now being behind us.

Our recent developments and progress meet our goal of large increases in our production so that when we commence deliveries we can rapidly complete all deliveries and fully honor our Forward Gold Sales commitments and our late interest commitments.

Without you, we could not have developed our mine.  Our Company is 100% responsible for all outstanding contracts and we will honor our commitments to you.

For further information please contact me directly at:

via email at;


Rob Slavik, CEO

Ruby Creek Resources

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