Transeco 6 April 2020

April 2020

Dear Clients

In these extraordinary times, Transeco Minerals and Mining is committed to the health and well-being of our families, employees, clients and partners who make up Transeco’s global community. It is our top priority to maintain the business continuity needed to provide regular updates and strive towards our targets.

As the world navigates towards the uncertainty of COVID-19 we at Transeco Minerals and Mining continue to operate the mine whilst adhering to stringent government guidelines. We are aware these guidelines will most likely tighten within coming weeks and we will have to temporarily cease operation. Already, staffing levels have reduced significantly running with only 30% of our workforce on site along with reductions in Ghana and UK offices.

Despite facing these unprecedented challenges, we have managed to continue the 90-day trial production period which is required to optimise the processing plant. From this trial we are currently yielding approximately 10% of eventual projected income. We endeavour to continue this trial for as long as possible in order to be one step closer to paying clients back and commence full production.

Transeco have faced many difficult years and overcome momentous challenges and setbacks because of this we have no doubt we’ll be able to bounce back and be successful in our mining mission.

To view regular updates directly from the mine please see latest updates at

Yours Sincerely

Mr A Niazi Director & Mr G Amarh Director

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